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4 misconceptions about clothes made in China

Credit: Valerie Birkel @Valilliia_bi


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There are so many misconceptions and wrong impressions about a product made in China. Yes, in the past China produced fewer quality goods which, by the way, made many things accessible to lower income groups. But nowadays, all this has changed. Here are some misconceptions about China goods that you should know about.

China productions use cheap fabrics:

The high demand and global market call for a huge variety of fabrics. Not only in patterns, colors, and textures but also in quality. The prices vary from around $8 a meter up to $100. Not everything is cheap anymore. The experience of visiting a Chinese fabric and textile armlet can be overwhelming and impressive, almost like a spice market in India. But it is worth seeing the variety of quality. Say you found a pattern you love, you will have the option of getting this pattern in at least 5 different qualities and feels. How great is that?

Managing production from overseas is difficult:

Actually, It is not. Depending on what you are looking for, it might even be easier than using local production services. The reason for that is that all sourcing can be done in one place. From creating the samples over picking out fabrics to end production, there is no looking around for the best source for every step.  The time that goes into shipping the samples and the collection overseas from China is the same as the time merchants invest into looking for the right fit for every step of their production in the USA.

Bad production quality:

Where China used to have issues with production quality because of labor issues, today, it is easy to find a quality controlled company that produces good quality products. These controls go from the safety of the fabric or material used to a quality check of the actual sewing work.

Chinese companies have labor issues:

In earlier days, China productions were known for their cheap labor and bad conditions. That was what made outsourcing to China so economically friendly for many companies. Nowadays, most companies in China are SA8000 certified which means, there are rules for the well being of the workers. Not only quality but also humanity now plays a big role in China.

Even though you don't have to outsource your production to China, there are many different approaches to the “Made in China” tag. If you are looking for low-cost production you will find it! But if you are looking for quality products and want to make it easier for you, China might be just what you were looking for. The difference nowadays is almost only the fabric. Labor and production quality might not be on American standard yet, but certainly on a good way to get there.

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