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Fringe Cardigan, Red Turtleneck.

I had a little technical setback today but fortunately everything is back up and running thanks to my amazing tech team (email me if you want details) It’s definitely getting chilly here in LA just in time for Christmas and I am layering it on thick with this cold-shoulder turtleneck in the color of the season and this fabulous chunky knit fringe cardigan. I love throwing something warm that I don’t need to take off once I’m inside and an extra long cardigan is the way to go, its like wearing a cozy coat. I know in certain climates you can’t just get away with a cardigan for a coat so I would add even another layer like a duster or trench to stay really warm!
I am a notorious Christmas shopping procrastinator, I don’t know why but I always wait until the last week before I start thinking about presents, maybe because Im not a big believer in the whole present exchange idea. I know I’ve mentioned before that I grew up with year round generosity from my parents and Christmas was not a time for presents but for time spent with family and friends and lots and lots of food. I like to throw a holiday party each year to keep this tradition of good food and friendship going, which we did this past weekend, its always the perfect way to get into the true spirit of the season. What are your favorite holiday traditions? Id love to hear about them!

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Happy Monday! xo ~Zia

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