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Baciano spills about their knits at UBM ‘MODA’

I’ll Have A Solid With That

baciano at moda. Moda tradeshow

Faux fur online. tradeshows online.

Baciano fashion at Moda.

Baciano gave yours truly today a look at their wonder knits and solids here at UBM‘s “MODA” trade show at the Javits Center here in New York City.

Baciano are contemporary style sweaters that are mostly solids which are made in China, but first are designed in Los Angeles, California, designers are both in China, and here in the United States.

Solids being the most popular conisist of lots of classic pieces, as well as a good abundance of modern pieces, there’s also sweaters with prints, stripes, and faux furs which are constantly used among fashion designers.

For the most part, Baciano is novelty fabric driven because they want to make sure it is just right for the type of boutiques that are buying it who have a particular customer base, so faux fur plays a constant role in designing these solid sweaters for the Baciano.

By: Daniel Quintanilla

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