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FAQ: I’m starting a new business.

As a premier destination for buyers and retailers from all over the world, there are abundant options when it comes to doing business here – from the designer showrooms located at the corner of 9th and Los Angeles Streets, showrooms in and surrounding the San Pedro Wholesale Mart or the over 2,000 wholesalers spread throughout the 100-block district – there is something for everyone.

Registration for Market Weeks

Buyers and retailers wishing to attend market weeks will need to register at each building. At the Cooper Design Space, Gerry Building and The New Mart, buyers and retailers are asked to bring a business card. At the California Market Center, in order to register for market weeks you must be able to provide the following credentials:

ONE of the following (copies are allowed):

  • business license
  • seller’s permit
  • lease agreement
  • filing of fictitious business name (documents must be pertinent to the industry)

ONE of the following (per person):

  • personalized business card
  •  payroll stub
  • company credit card with buyer’s name.

Buyers can register on-site.

To Shop Wholesale in the Rest of the LA Fashion District
Generally buyers and retailers must be able to show proof of their business license or business tax I.D. number. Check with specific stores regarding quantity regulations.

Please keep in mind…

  • Credentials DO NOT have to be issued in Los Angeles or California. International credentials are accepted.
  • All our showrooms operate independently. For pricing, inventory and shipping information please contact the showrooms directly.
  • For vendor contact information please refer to our directory at or find it here.


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