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  • Kaitlynn @ blurrykait

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    Baciano model. team baciano. baciano style
    KaitLynn Markley is a high school senior and Miss Bel Air Teen USA. She enjoys cheerleading, riding roller coasters, and boogie boarding. She loves animals, and has a passion for theatre. KaitLynn is a published, runway, print, and fashion model....

  • Janet @

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    over sized shirt/dress. fashion influencer.
    Janet Gomez is a full-time Merchandiser and co-founder of L.A Mamacitas, an events community for moms and families in Los Angeles. Her hobbies include blogging on the side ( and going to Disneyland with her family.

  • Sailusha @ kissmytulips

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    Sailusha @ kissmytulips
    Sailusha Gosala is a marketer and blogger based in NYC. She has a knack and passion for finding the best combos of fashion and makeup. She loves to play around with lipstick colors and find funky new ways to pair...

  • Nina @ nines.marie

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    Nina @ nines.marie
    Nina is a model, veterinary student, improviser, sketch writer and fitness blogger living in LA. She is originally from New York and has been modeling since 2008. 

  • Marta @ moveinstyle20

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    Marta @ moveinstyle20
    My name is Marta. I'm originally from Poland but reside in the Hamptons, New York. My drive for fashion started when I was 5 year old when I saw my aunt dressed in a faux fur jacket and high heels. I knew...

  • Mary @msmary_style

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    Mary @msmary_style
    Lifestyle • Fashion • Jesus • Military Wife • Skirts + Dresses • Beauty • Family life • Let's collab! Instagram: @msmary_style Email:

  • Rebecca Sullivan @

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    filipino fashion blogger
    I’m Rebecca – a Filipina and a fairly recent (2006) U.S. transplant.  I am a style- and cost-conscious mother of 2 young adults.My style is essentially evolving and easy-going with touches of corporate chic due to the demands and expectations of...

  • Alicia @

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    Alicia @
    My name is Alicia Searcy; I'm Nashville's disabled fashion and style blogger and author of Spashionista. I was born with Cerebral Palsy and am wheelchair or walker dependent. My blog focuses on fashion and style for older, curvier, or disabled...

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